Trustee Visits

Trustees visit 2015

In September 2015 we were able to undertake our first Malawi Orphan Fund Trustees visit to the Home of Hope. Alex Mnatzaganian (Chair of Trustees), Matthew Priddin and Jane Lambert visited this year, accompanied by Ursula and Richard Walker. Travelling to Malawi enabled us to complete a number of critical tasks which will pay dividends both in the coming weeks and the longer term.

Our intention is that there will be able to be a Trustees visit every year, to continue to build our relationship with the Home of Hope and gain first-hand insight in to how best to support their work helping needy orphans and vulnerable children more effectively.


Travelling to Malawi is always an opportunity to take needed items, and on this occasion your generosity enabled us to carry with us an amazing quantity of gifts. Huge thanks to all who contributed.

donated items

Donated Baby supplies

Supplies for babies have been replenished thanks to large donations of infant formula, feeding bottles and nappies from residents of Bedford.

Additional financial donations given to the Home of Hope were able to buy blankets to the children who were in need of them, and provide shoes for a young man who needs orthopaedic footwear - all acquired from Malawi.

blanket on bed

Donated Baby clothing

House mothers collected jackets and other warm clothing for the babies they care for at the Home of Hope. Many thanks to Christian Community Action of Sonning Common for their generous donation.


We were also able to take with us a one off donation of three laptops for Home of Hope, paid with funds raised by Phil and Daniel Janes (by cycling across The North of England from the West coast at Whitehaven to the East coast at Whitley Bay). Thanks to all the staff at sdc builders for their encouragement and financial support. These will enable Rev. Chipeta, the Headmaster of the Secondary School, and Linda (Secretary to Executive Director) to continue working when power is lost. Daniel will be volunteering at Home of Hope in Summer 2016.

Rev. Chipeta with his new laptop


Headmaster with his new laptop


Linda with her new laptop


Glucose meter for Lucy (Executive Director)

A glucose monitor was donated by a trustee and her family to Lucy, which we were able to present to her during our trip. Lucy has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Jane, one of our trustees, is a fellow diabetic (Type 1) and felt she must ensure Lucy will be able to stay healthy - which requires a glucose monitor. Lucy is grateful to the Lambert family for funding this.

Thanks again for all the varied contributions made to this trip. They were immensely appreciated at the Home of Hope.

Our objectives

We had three main strands of work in mind when planning the trip:

  • working together with the Home of Hope leadership to assess needs and discuss long term goals
  • gaining information for sponsors and working to develop our sponsorship program
  • setting up an internet connection to facilitate better communications and eliminate the expense of frequent journeys to Mchinji Boma to pick up and send emails.

We look forward to letting you know in more detail how we got on soon, and sharing more of what we have learned and achieved during our trip.