Hope in a Box


What we're doing

We’re sending a shipping container to Home of Hope! We talk regularly with the Home’s leaders, and have learned recently that they are in need of more tables, chairs and clothes for the Orphanage and the Schools within it. So, we have launched a fundraising campaign in order to fill and send a container: “Hope in a Box”. You may have received the letter we’ve sent out to our supporters with details.

Our goal is to raise £6,000 or more through donations and fundraising initiatives. As a charity, Malawi Orphan Fund relies on sponsors and donations to be able to support the Home of Hope. We very much appreciate your support, and Home of Hope feel your love and help from a distance.

How you can help… Fundraise!

We can’t travel around collecting items to send, so we are asking you to contribute money to the project. £25 from each of our regular supporters and contacts will provide what we need – but we know money is in short supply. So, we have put together some ideas for fundraising!

If you’re willing to give it a go, we're here to help. Click the boxes below for ideas on specific fundraising projects, or you can download the whole Hope in a Box pack.

Sponsored events are a great idea! You may want to use our Sponsorship Form.

Email us to say what you're planning if you like - we'd be delighted to hear. And if you can, send us some photos of your event. We'll feature them on this page!

Once you’re ready to send what’s been raised, at the bottom of this page is the address to send cheques, and a BT Donate link for donating online. There is no deadline, but money sent by the end of June will enable us to book the container in good time to reach Malawi for the start of the new school year in September.

computers sent with last container

Telling the Story

As you fundraise, it may help you to know the background to this project. Over the past ten years we've sent two containers: the first with desks, tables and chairs, and a second in 2010 - filled from top to bottom with tables, chairs, science equipment and computers. The containers have been received with great celebration, and the equipment has been serving the Home’s 600+ children since. As is the case with most things, these now need to be replaced.

This year’s container will include clothing (including school uniforms and shoes), along with tables, chairs and more science equipment. We also plan to send tools for the Vocational Centre through our new Chair’s contact with Tools with a Mission. Heavily worn and broken items at the Home will be replaced, helping the Staff continue to care for the children in a pleasant and safe environment.


You can donate money through our BT Mydonate page, or by cheque. Please make cheques payable to 'Malawi Orphan Fund' and send to our registered address:

4 Tamworth Road, Bedford, England, MK41 8QY

If you are a UK taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation either by following the instructions on BT MyDonate, or if you are sending a cheque, you can download our Gift Aid form.